The rise in compliance issues when working from home

The rise in compliance issues when working from home

The coronavirus pandemic has seen a seismic shift in the way we all approach the way we work. One of the lesser-appreciated risks that has been growing in recent months, however, has been the potential increase of compliance issues. As many employees now work from home, and will likely continue to do so going forward, a considerable rethink about your organisation's approach to compliance is necessary.

We look at the challenges around compliance when working from home.

There are many issues around compliance that need to be addressed. They approach every aspect of working from home and cover such broad bases as the risk of health and safety accident claims to data confidentiality and cyber security. That means your business is facing potential compliance risks from everything from an employee injuring themselves while working in their home office, to an insecure connection causing a potential data breach. Though the world has changed, the importance of ensuring compliance has not.

What can your business do about it?

Tackling this issue demands you take a realistic approach to the situation - people are working at home in increasing numbers, and they aren't going to want to stop doing that going forward. Rather than seeing this as a challenge to overcome, look at it as an opportunity for you to streamline and better reorganise your compliance practices to better suit your business as well as your employees.

The two key elements of your approach are going to be communication and technology. It's essential that you develop a new understanding of your compliance requirements, and inform your employees of what your obligations are to them as well as what theirs are to you. This will apply through the process of hiring new employees, as well as for businesses who focus more on using a contingent workforce.

Compliance issues going forward

It's incumbent on every organisation and business to reappraise their approach to compliance and keep abreast of any developments in regulation and legislation. Realising that this is the new way of working for many people, determining a consistent and appropriate compliance checklist, and ensuring it's clearly communicated throughout your organisation should be a high priority for your business.