Time for a reset this holiday season?

Published on : 20th December 2022

Time for a reset this holiday season?

Wow, can you believe it's that time of year again? It will be 2023 before we know it!


Before you get stuck in head down into next year's activities, we think it's a great time to pause for a while to take a short break and take stock.


This time of year is ideal to ‘helicopter’ up and review, so you go into next year with a clean slate, on your front foot and ready for whatever is thrown at you!



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Celebrate with your staff


No doubt you have all worked super hard this last year and will have had your ups and downs. Take some time to celebrate properly with your team.


Physically in the office, at a restaurant, or remotely via video call, schedule a meet-up, put work aside and have a proper celebration. Sending them something to them personally is also a nice touch that is usually really appreciated.




The holiday season is a great time to declutter. From your physical desk to your email inbox, from your ‘to-do’ list to deleting and archiving old files, these are just some examples. It may sound boring but it will leave you feeling refreshed and more organised, ready for the next wave.


Make plans for next year


If you haven’t already, make some high-level plans for yourself, your team and your business for next year. Planning is an essential tool for success and you can never start it too early.


Ask your team for their ideas and get them involved in setting their goals and objectives for next year. This will increase their ownership and buy-in to what you are all trying to achieve as a unit.


Check out subscriptions and renewals


May of us have subscriptions that we never take advantage of and we are still being charged in the background. We may have migrated away from certain tools or apps.


Review your technology platforms and check you are only paying for the ones that you are using. Cancel the rest and make sure you have given notice on those chargeable subscriptions!


Review your budget


The calendar year may not be your financial year, but even so, this is a great time to review your budgets to check you are on track for any spending or revenue commitments. Also, ensure you have committed all your budget spend before the year-end.


This will identify areas that you may need to investigate further with your team in more detail so you are in control.


Take a break and do something for yourself


Most importantly take some time for yourself and do something that you enjoy most and that makes you happy. Time with family, friends and loved ones is important and precious, be sure to invest in them properly.