What Have You Achieved This Year?

Published on : 12th December 2023

What Have You Achieved This Year?

How has the year turned out for you?  For many it’s been a challenging year however, there’s always something positive in everything we do.

Some of the things I’ve looked back on with pride are the achievements that have been made in my business life, with my family, and my personal achievements.


As we lead into the end of the year, I'm making a list of all the small wins I have made and will share with my family at Christmas. 


Some of my highlights include:


  • With the company, I’m proud we will be taking it into 20 years of trading in 2024 providing more services to clients in the UK/Europe, Australia, and the USA.


  • I’ve spent more quality time with my family and seen my children prosper at school this year after a rocky start to the term.


  • Finally, I’ve personally managed to complete many fitness challenges after a lull over COVID-19 and now my fitness levels are better than before the pandemic.


So regardless of how you think the year has turned out, celebrate every achievement, no matter how small or large.


Which achievements are you most proud of this year?


Get some rest, enjoy family and friends or time for yourself and see you in 2024!


Best regards,

David Lawrence.



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