Why A Complex Programme May Need A Tier One Delivery

Published on : 20th February 2024

Why A Complex Programme May Need A Tier One Delivery


Some organisations are bringing in internal or less experienced resources within their operational capabilities to help them deliver their programmes.

However, with tough or complex programmes and demanding deadlines, you may find this is not the right decision and end up needing to bring the right expertise in to help ensure a successful delivery. 


You may need to go through the pain of a failed or delayed program for senior executives to remember the value of the right expertise.
Read on to find out the main signs that indicate when things may not be going to plan: 


Some Programme risk indicators


  • Loss of momentum
  • Poor stakeholder involvement and/or participation
  • Insufficient communication
  • Weak programme or project management
  • Over-complexity
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • No change management control
  • Ineffective schedule planning and/or management
  • Resources assigned to a higher-priority project


If you recognise any of the above this means there is a real risk that your programme could be impacted and now may be the time to act.