Why A Routine Is Good For You

Published on : 11th December 2023

Why A Routine Is Good For You

What does your daily routine look like? Do you have a morning ritual you stick to each day or a bedtime routine that sets you up for a good night’s sleep?

Routines help us achieve balance in our lives, creating the perfect combination of work, rest, sleep and play that we need to feel content and happy.

If you stick to your routine, you likely see the positive benefits. But why is that? We take a look:


Routines are predictable


Routines introduce a predictability to life which is especially helpful when things are chaotic. Babies benefit from predictable feed, sleep and activity routines and so can adults!


Routines eliminate decision fatigue


You may find it difficult to make decisions and if so, routines can be hugely helpful. Routines remove the need for decision-making. If you know Saturday morning is when you go to the gym, then you don't spend the week searching for a gap to fit it in.


Routines help you live your best life


Routines help you live life the way you want to, doing a 'once a week' food shop at a regular time each week for example might set you up for a week of healthy meals.  Whereas shopping as and when might result in increased stress, less nutritional dinners and more expense (especially when takeaways are involved!)


Routines can ease anxiety


Setting up effective routines can be extremely beneficial for those suffering from anxiety. They can offer a sequence of activities that provide a sense of control and predictability.


Routines can help us switch off


If you find yourself struggling to remove yourself from the pressures of work after a busy day, use a routine of certain habits that become associated with switching off.

Some examples include changing clothes, putting on slippers, having a quick wash or lighting a candle.


Routines help us make me-time


Time for yourself is essential for happiness. If you have a busy work or family life, finding time for yourself can be a struggle – but routines can help with this.

By setting up routines, we can plan how our time outside our work commitment is spread out, giving us time for the things that bring us the most enjoyment.



So there you have it. Routines introduce order, improve decision-making, reduce anxiety and fatigue and give you more ‘me time’ to make you happy and that’s why they work!