Why Its OK To Sometimes Say No To A Hiring Manager

Published on : 22nd January 2024

Why Its OK To Sometimes Say No To A Hiring Manager

Often you or your talent team may be under pressure to fulfil certain roles, however, there are times when it’s OK to say no to a hiring manager (or at the very least push back).
Some of the reasons you may need to push back include:

•    The budget has not been approved further up the organisation, but the hiring manager is already asking for CVs.

•    The budget may be approved but the role is vague without a commitment from the hiring manager to have a discovery call to discuss.

•    The role has been live for an extended period, and you or your team have been asked to jump in to find profiles without questioning and understanding why it has not been fulfilled so far.

•    The hiring manager won’t commit to interview dates (or goes on holiday without telling you after sending CVs to review).

•    The hiring manager has rejected multiple CVs or candidates after interviews without any feedback on why the candidates have been rejected.

This may seem like the basics to you but I’m sure you have heard of stories like the above happening at many companies.

So, it’s OK to say no sometimes as you’re only pushing back to get to the bottom of the problem so you can help find the best solution, whether for a permanent hire or a contractor.