Cards, Payments & Digital Wallet Recruitment

Cards, Payments & Digital Wallet Recruitment

Smartphones are winning the race as the chosen platform for payments as many merchants are adopting mobile payments. Companies are developing cutting-edge mobile technology to revolutionise the way people shop and pay for things. With the payment processing and Digital Wallet market moving so fast, we won’t need to carry any physical money around with us as the next generation of technologies

are rolled out.

With NFC and contactless payments, digital loyalty programs will be rolled out to the independent shops (not just the big chains) with payment options, loyalty programs and digital coupons built into apps. Technology companies will continue to grow with ability to instantly offer and mange payments on your smart phone. The coming together of mobile payments, mobile transfers, mobile wallets and mobile banking has bought new exciting opportunities for organisations and disrupting technology companies. Our team focus on these kind of technologies working with organisations disrupting this market as well as leading the field.

  • Payment Processing Architectures: Encryption and tokenization, Cloud-based PoS systems, Secure Element systems
  • Mobile Payments: MPESA, MChip, PayWave, ExpressPay, PayPal/Paydiant, MasterPass
  • Digital Wallets: Apple Pay, Android Pay
  • Card payments: multi-currency processing, online payments and contactless, multi-currency processing
  • Payments Engine: ACI Base24
  • MasterPass

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