Over-the-top media services

Over-the-top media services

Over the top media services are increasing at a rapid rate replacing traditional TV services in their millions with services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. IPTV is a traditional way of delivering content over a managed, fully-provisioned network using STB solutions.​

OTT (over-the-top) video services use the publicly accessible Internet to deliver video streams. Such content is not just available via set-top-boxes like with IPTV, but also via any devices that can access the Internet – such as phones, tablets and smart TVs with an internet connection.

Operators that have deployed IPTV are increasingly adding OTT capabilities while those emerging operators are even bypassing IPTV and just implementing OTT. Connected devices in the average home are fighting for a share of bandwidth, ultrafast Wi-Fi connections - 100Mbps and above - are likely to be needed for SVOD to continue its rapid growth.

At Vine, we work with companies who need high-level skills within the IPTV, VOD and OTT market and in particular, focus on Programme Managers, Enterprise Architects, Solutions Architects, Technical Architects and Business Architects. We have built a global network of candidates with deep knowledge in these areas enabling us to support you when you need the right skills fast. We provide these types of resources to telecoms and cable operators, online media companies, consultancy firms and vendors specialising in this market.

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