Talent Solutions

Contingent Workforce

At times, it pays to bring in contingent workers where specialist skills may be required for a limited time or business deadlines demand increased resources. 

Coupled with the challenge to get the right skills and experience needed for a short-term demand or hard-to-find skills, (project to go live, maternity and paternity cover, knowledge transfer, upgrades or migrations for example) is why bringing in contractors may be right for your business.

With our database network of over 150,000 global contractors, we can usually provide shortlisted candidates within 48 hours. We arrange all interviews and candidate travel/accommodation logistics for you as well as manage the full compliance and payroll of contractors across the UK/Europe, USA, and Australia.

Permanent Hires

What's the cost of not having the right candidate for your business?

Permanent hires - Retained Search

It can take an average of 60 days to hire the right candidate with roles going unfilled for more than 12 months in some cases.  What is the cost to the business of not finding the right talent? 

The best candidates are not looking for a lateral move up an upward move with increased job satisfaction, growth, impact and stretch which will then enable their compensation to grow in line with that

With over 20 years of experience combined with our advanced search technology, candidate engagement and recruitment processes, you can be confident in engaging with us to ensure a successful outcome.  We use the Performance-based hiring 4 step process (Lou Adler Group) to attract top talent to your business.


Vine 360 is our flagship retained recruitment product enabling us to provide you with the right hire in the time frame needed.

Features & Benefits
  • Intelligent Market Mapping -  access the whole market, not just those on the market?
  • Industry feedback - sharing feedback on your company brand
  • Video interview shortlists with candidate profiles -. Saving time on the first interview
  • Behavioural Assessment with world-leading assessment tool  -  ensuring fit for you
  • Tech Testing for technical engineering roles using HackerEarth - Ensuring quality of code
  • Reflect your diversity policy - essential for success
  • Secure pre-employment background checks, reference checks -Giving you peace of mind and minimising your risks
  • Integration with internal ATS - ensuring a fast time-saving onboarding

Once retained by you we will set up a discovery call and agree on the timelines to meet the business objectives. We charge an initial partnership fee when we're engaged by you on the search with the remainder of the fee payable on completion.  

During the discovery phase, we will agree on a timeline that works for you while conducting an in-depth search whilst giving the candidates a great candidate experience of your brand.  We will aim to work to your deadlines for the shortlist but on average, this is around 14 days.

Multiple Hires

If you're looking for multiple hires or building a new team, talk to us about our bundled solutions.

Project Solutions

Many companies face challenges building the teams to deliver projects as they simply don’t have the bandwidth internally to redeploy resources.

Our project solutions team provides project agility, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness by leveraging our network of subject matter experts which we can scale as needed, with an additional layer of service expertise with outcome associated services.

We will work with you to define your requirements and objectives to agree on a solution to meet the challenge and provide an outcome-based Statement of Work (SOW).  

We would typically work with you initially during a discovery phase to understand your business, and the culture and work with internal stakeholders to ensure that we deliver the best solution available.

We will assign a dedicated engagement manager to manage the full life cycle of the project ensuring an end-to-end solution.  Our solutions team are experts in delivering complex projects and ensuring valuable and lasting change in the business.?

We offer a genuine alternative to the traditional consultancy partners providing SOW solutions typically in value between £250k - £1 million/AU$500k - AU$2 million.

IR35 Solutions - UK 

We understand that changes to off-payroll legislation can be difficult for our customers to manage and we are here to help navigate IR35 requirements with compliance as the first priority.

Vine Subscribe

Vine Subscribe is our Talent as a service (TAAS) subscription where you pay a fixed amount for our teams time per month and we act as virtually embedded members of your team working with your key hiring stakeholders engaging in the talent strategy with candidates reaching out for live requirements as well as pipeline if required using our expertise, automation and campaigns to attract and fill your positions.

This works well with scaling teams for multiple hires or for a large organisation that has a specific project that requires a large number of hires.

If you'd like to find out more on how we can help you just contact us and we can set up a discovery call. 
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