Tech Testing for Developers

Tech Testing for Developers

Hire better developers by using our testing platform

Hiring the right developers is never easy but testing and assessing their skills has become easier.  

Which is why when we hire for companies using our retained recruitment service we offer this assessment prior to submission and agree a minimum score for each candidate to meet before their make the shortlist.

Programming Tests

You can choose from over 100 tests with 3 levels of difficulty to choose from

Candidates code online 

The candidates will do the code online and will show how long it's taken them to complete with the results provided to you

Compare and filter

We can provide detailed reporting and benchmarking against other candidates. Reports can be evaluated by non-technical employees of the client as well.

Live coding exercise

Perhaps you're not sure about a candidate or like to put them through their paces in a live environment.  You can do that online too and ask them to do a coding test that you set and watch as they work through it online.

We want to help you save time (and time is money) on interviewing unsuitable candidates who can't pass even a basic coding test and focus on the high performers.

Live coding exercise image

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