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The Story of Vine Resources

I’m David Lawrence, the founder of Vine Resources, and this is the story of Vine.


I started the company way back in 2004, having been in recruitment for a couple of years. The company I was with at the time had been bought by another organisation and I decided to move on to bigger and better things. I felt I had what it took to succeed on my own.

So I set up Vine Resources from my London bedroom and spent 18 hours a day, 7 days a week sitting in my room trying to build a company. I was using some very basic, rudimental tools at the time, an Excel spreadsheet, word files and the other being an extremely powerful recruitment tool – the telephone.

From these early beginnings in 2004 I grew the company, focusing on technology, media and telecoms recruitment. Vine grew slowly and surely, and after about a year I hired a small staff and we moved to our own little office in Central London. We grew the company to about 10 people initially and things started to move very quickly.

In 2009 the global recession hit, and this was a real challenge for us and many of our customers. We went through the ups and downs of a very difficult rollercoaster ride of recruitment with the turbulent economy and consolidation of the market but we managed to pull through, survive the challenges and keep going. We’ve carried on through the evolution of the entire recruitment market, adapting to constant change and facing growing pressures from internal recruitment teams, managed service and the commoditisation of contractors.


We are continuing to grow our company and are now going through ambitions digital transformation. Yet our focus continues to be on recruiting for technology, broadcast media and telecommunications companies, working closely with customers across Europe and the USA to deliver both contract and permanent recruitment. Where we add values is by being a true partner, using innovative technology and finding those hard to find skills that our customers can’t.


The future is looking bright for Vine, and we have our eyes set on an ambitious growth goal for our 2020 vision.

The landscape in which we’re operating is constantly changing, and in the name of attracting – and keeping – the world’s finest talent for our clients, we continue to adapt our business model to reflect the changes driven by technology and the rise of social media. Yet while we have automated some of our processes, we will always keep a sharp focus on what can never be automated: people.