CSG Australia

CSG Australia

CSG is a leader in innovative customer engagement, revenue management and payments solutions in telecommunications, retail, financial services and healthcare to more than 900 customers in over 120 countries.


The challenge


CSG sought a solution architect to assist one of their international clients with high-level solution design. However, the challenge was to find a highly skilled professional with deep domain knowledge who could start immediately.


The process


Recognising the complexity of the talent requirement, we embarked on an exhaustive search to find a solution architect with the specific expertise demanded by the client. Leveraging our extensive global network, we reached out to numerous industry contacts, despite the challenge of many having left the industry or retired.


After an extensive screening process, three potential candidates were identified. Among them, one individual stood out due to our prior experience working on the same product with the customer several years ago. This candidate possessed in-depth knowledge of the domain architecture, making them an ideal fit for the project.


Interview and selection


To streamline the selection process, the interviews were conducted remotely using video conferencing tools. We also were able to obtain internal references, validating the candidate's expertise and compatibility with the customer's requirements. The alignment between the candidate's prior collaboration with the customer and the current project strengthened their suitability for the role significantly.


Overcoming challenges


Meeting the client's urgent timeframe presented a considerable challenge. We had to ensure all necessary compliance and paperwork were completed within a two-week window. This necessitated working closely with the customer and the candidate to expedite the onboarding process.


To expedite the paperwork and compliance procedures, we invested additional effort, including working on weekends. This collaborative approach ensured that all necessary documentation and requirements were fulfilled promptly, allowing the selected candidate to commence their role within the designated timeframe.




We worked tirelessly and are proud to have successfully secured for CSG a highly skilled solution architect within the tight timeframe required. Our extensive global network and thorough screening process resulted in the identification of a candidate with profound domain knowledge and prior experience with the client.


The expedited onboarding process, achieved through collaborative efforts, allowed the selected candidate to start within two weeks of the initial talent requirement.


This case study demonstrates the importance of a comprehensive and well-connected hiring network when faced with urgent talent requirements. Our ability to tap into a vast global network and our expertise in assessing candidate suitability played a pivotal role in meeting CSG's needs. 


By leveraging technology for remote interviews and working collaboratively, the hiring process was streamlined, enabling a seamless and timely solution architect placement. CSG's ability to secure a qualified professional within the required timeframe further enhanced its relationship with its international client, showcasing its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions in a demanding industry.