Contract Recruitment

At times, it pays to bring in a contractor where specialist skills may be required for a limited time or business deadlines demand increased resources. 

Coupled with the challenge to get the right skills and experience needed for a short-term demand or hard-to-find skills, (project to go live, maternity and paternity cover, knowledge transfer, upgrades or migrations for example) is why bringing in contractors may be right for your business. 

Contract Recruitment

With our database network of over 150,000 global contractors, we can usually provide shortlisted candidates within 48 hours. We arrange all interviews and candidate travel/accommodation logistics for you as well as managing the full compliance and payroll of contractors across the UK/Europe, USA, and Australia.

Why Vine Resources?

For more than 15 years, we’ve been providing talent solutions for clients from fast growing start-ups to established brands, providing contract resources, permanent hires and project solutions.

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